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DnD 4E Rogue – join the conversation

by Bob · 0 comments

in Dungeons and Dragons

no, not THAT Rogue, silly!

For those of you who are scroll- or click-impaired, and may have missed it over the weekend,  Wizards released the 4E rogue in all his glory last Friday.  We’ve got some interesting takes on it over at Critical Hits, so I encourage you to check those out.  No, really.  Go now.

For those of you who absolutely refuse, here are the observations I posted on Saturday:

  • Healing Surges. This isn’t new info, but I have to admit: If there is one element I’m not sure about from the 4E previews, it is this. I’m just not convinced that it makes sense, from the flavor perspective. We will see how it winds up playing out, however.
  • Weapon Proficiencies. I think I am glad to see them back. As a DM, it was sometimes frustrating to watch the versatility that players had with weapon groups. MWAHAHAHA!
  • Simplified Skill System. No new info here; we knew that they were going to move this direction, ala Saga Edition. I am glad to see this, in part, because I think it makes the rogue more playable, in the long run.
  • Powers. I like the suggested at-will, encounter, and daily powers. This firms up the talk about power durations. I’ve been an advocate for this sort of simplification in spells for a long time, and I think it just makes sense. If you’re not a fan of per-encounter abilities, you’re not going to like 4E. For me, it’s a long time coming.
  • Brawny and Trickster Builds. I like the two builds. It’s a cool way to present archetypes to new players, inexperienced players, or players that haven’t played a given class before.
  • Shuriken. I’m not sure the weapon belongs in core, even if it is cool, and even if Midnight used them. That’s a long-standing complaint, though.
  • Sneak Attack Damage. This seems waaay too nerfed for me. Having said that, I will have to see what a 22nd-level encounter looks like to know for sure if 5d6 is too little.
  • Powers Again. I’m a sucker for flavor text, and I love the power descriptions.

All in all, I give the new rogue a B+. That could rise to an A-, once I’ve seen what he’s up against at various levels.

 (Creative Commons License photo credit: mhuang)

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