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by Bob


Bob Younce has been playing RPGs in their various forms since 1979, and has been DM’ing since 1983. He has run campaigns in Greyhawk, The Forgotten Realms, Rokugan and Mystara and has developed three separate unique campaign settings including the World of Lenryn, the latest one he is developing right here at RPG Digest. He has also run or played in World of Darkness, RIFTS, Everway, Marvel Super Heros RPG, DC Heroes, Warhammer Fantasy RPG and X-Crawl. Bob also enjoyes several Collectible Card Games, including Magic: The Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings and Jyhad/Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

Bob Lives in Linwood, Michigan with his wife Angie and thier three children, Meghen Abigail and Elisabeth.

Other places to find Bob:

The Writing Journey – Bob’s Blog devoted to helping Internet writers to achieve their dreams.

Angie’s Pangie’s – Bob’s wife’s cooking blog. Bob Especially recommends these.

Questions? Comments? Complaints? I take ‘em all.

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